Cara Terbaik Untuk Contoh Pada Murid – Water pollution is the contamination yangterjadi in waters such as rivers, times, lake, ocean, ground water, and so forth. While soil pollution is pollution that occurred in both kotamaupun land in the village. The cause of pencemaranlingkungan largely caused by tanganmanusia.Alam has the ability to restore the water that has been contaminated.


by the process of purification or purification alamidengan the purification of soil, sand, rocks and micro-organisms that contoh cerpen exist in nature around kita.Jumlah very massive pollution of the human make no mampumengembalikan nature to its original condition. Nature becomes lost the.


ability to purify the pollution occurred. Trash and substances like plastics, DDT, detergents and so forth are not environmentally friendly will further aggravate the condition of destruction alamyang increasingly growing parah.Sebab Environmental Pollution in the Air and on the Ground.


Erosion and rainfall tinggi.2. Garbage human waste from homes or residential penduduk.3. Chemicals from a home location of the population, agriculture, industry, and sebagainya.Salah one.


cause of water pollution in the most famous is due to the use of DDT zatkimia pest eradication. DDT was used by farmers to repel the attack and membunuhhama agricultural land. DDT is not only an impact cek resi pos indonesia on pests but also other animals in the surrounding dah even in a place very far sekalipunakibat flow process chain


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