Merasa Contoh Indah dan Layak – Household waste in the form of various organic materials (eg, leftover vegetables, fish, rice, oil, grease, human waste water), or inorganic materials, for example plastics, aluminum, and the bottles are washed away water. Garbage accumulated clog drains and cause flooding.


Other pollutants may be biological contaminants such as germs, bacteria, and fungi. Organic materials that dissolve contoh daftar riwayat hidup in water will undergo decomposition and decay, resulting in oxygen levels in the water dropped dramatically so that the water biota will die. If contamination of organic.


matter increased, will be found clustered reddish Tubifex worms. This worm is an indication of biological (bio-indicators) the severity of organic waste from residential waste.Industrial waste in the form of foul-smelling organic pollutants, inorganic pollutants is bubbly and colorful.


pollutants containing sulfuric acid stink, and pollutants in the form of hot liquid. Leaks can cause the oil tanker oil inundating seas to a distance of hundreds of kilometers. Oil spills threaten the lives of fish, coral reefs, sea birds puisi ayah and other marine organisms to cope, the oil slick is restricted by pipe floats so as not to spread, then sprinkled with a substance that can break down the oil.


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