Tanggapi Ucapan Yang Telah Terjadi – Agricultural wastes can contain pollutants insecticides or organic fertilizer. Insecticides can be deadly river biota. If the biota of the river is not dead then eaten.


by animals or humans, who eat it will die. To prevent this, try selecting the narrow-spectrum insecticide (specifically targeted killing animals) and biodegradable (degradable biological) and ucapan selamat hari raya spraying in accordance with the rules. Do not discard the medicine into the river.


Organic fertilizers are soluble in water can fertilize aquatic environment (eutrophication), because the water is rich in nutrients, algae and aquatic plants flourish (blooming). This will disrupt aquatic ecosystems.


destroy fish and organisms in the water, due to oxygen and sunlight are required organisms in the water is blocked and contoh naskah can not get into the water, so that the levels of oxygen and sunlight is reduced.


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