Tunjukan Contoh Yang Positif – and karmabat can can cause nerve disorder in muscle. Various solvents containing chlorine stimulates changes in the liver and kidneys as well as a decrease in the central nervous system. Soil contamination can also have an impact on the ecosystem.


Soil chemical radical changes can arise from the presence of toxic chemicals / hazardous even at low doses though. These changes cerpen sedih can cause changes in the metabolism of endemic microorganisms and arthropods that live in the soil environment. As a result, it can even destroy some of the.


primary species of the food chain, which can give a great result against predators or other levels of the food chain. Even if the chemical effect on lower life forms the bottom, the bottom of the food pyramid can ingest foreign chemicals that over time will be.


concentrated on the creatures occupants of the pyramid top. Many of these effects are seen at this time, such as DDT in birds cause eggshell fragility, increased seedling mortality rates and the possible loss of contoh surat kuasa these species. The impact on agriculture, especially changes in plant metabolism, which in turn can lead to declining crop yields.


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